Cascais (Lisbon), 2-5 March 2018
Networking Conference & Expo for Digital Products



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Daniel Schiemann

Amatools Ltd.


Name of Panel(s)

"Do´s and don´t for your Facebook marketing" and "Advanced media buying" and "Consultants - Which ones you need - and which ones you do not" and "Die neusten Entwicklungen im deutschen Affiliate Markt" and moderator of "When and how to outsource parts of


Dan is what people used to call a geek. He owned his first software company by the age of 17, producing flight- and train simulation games. After selling his company he worked for a marketing company developing promotion campaigns for costumers like Deutsche Telekom and Postbank. During this time he studied social science and English as a foreign language to become a teacher. After finishing his degree he decided to use his Marketing knowledge in the field of the adult industry. A field he got to know from his wife, which was working as a porn actress. Together Dan and his wife founded Amatools Ltd. in 2005 and both are still working there, helping the industry with their extensive experience and knowledge.


Amatools Ltd.

Amatools Ltd. is a German based Consulting Company. Main business operation fields are Marketing (highly specialized in Media Buying and Social Media Marketing), Production and Development. Amatools is also known for helping companies from Germany to step into the US market and vice versa. Amatools also owns award winning websites like and



What Companies Say ?

The Summit has evolved very quickly into one of the most important meetings of the adult industry. Especially the very good mix of providers and webmasters is extremely interesting!
Christoph Pass
Saboom | PartnerCash
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