Barcelona The European Summit 2014

Mobile Specialty Track

Mobile Specialty Track

"Mobile" is one of the most profitable markets, conquer it !

You really don't want to miss the TES Mobile Days! 
The European Summit gathers all the friendliest experts of the market to help you to build your mobile strategies. 
This is an obviously profitable trend and you shouldn't waste your efforts building a strong project without taking care of your mobile users.

StarEdition's mobile affiliate program - helps you to successfully surf this wave by providing you all the filtering and redirecting tools, high quality offers and safe billing structures that you need. 
Our proprietary conversion-optimization technology guides our affiliates through the most performing mobile products and guarantees high payouts all over the world. 

Mobile advertising is very different from traditional desktop e-commerce, we will be glad -together with our industry partners- to go exchange and talk about all those consuming changes.  

Have a seat at our lounge, catch us at the panels, let's meet at the speed-networking sessions ... or just hit up for anything you need during the show!

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